I love flatbread

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Pita bread, tortillas, chapatis… I love eating wraps/rolls with those flatbread.  Pita sandwich, burritos, quesadillas.. they all are so yummy!

These type of food became popular in Japan when I was around 17.  I remember it because I saw many cafes started to open and they all had”pita” and “wrap” menus.  It was kind of “cafe boom” and it’s still going on.  You can find many cafes (more like Western style cafes) across Japan now.

Yesterday I had a craving for kebab.  It happened suddenly, and since then I couldn’t do anything but think about the fresh made chicken kebab with sweet chili and sour cream.  (I don’t really like doner kebab)  I asked my husband “hey I want to eat kebab tonight!” Unfortunately he has been suffering from teeth ache since last week, so he can’t eat anything solid, hot and cold at the moment. (poor him)  I felt sorry for him, but I couldn’t wait any minutes to run to the nearest kebab shop and devour a hot chicken kebab.

It was like a heaven!  It feels so good when you want to eat certain thing and you could get exact what you wanted.

By the way, in English kebab refers as ” (doner) kebab served wrapped in bread with a salad and a dressing” , but in the Middle East, kebab includes grilled, roasted, and stewed dishes of large or small cuts of meat, or even ground meat.  It doesn’t actually mean “wrap”.


Also in Japan, kebab is just a grilled or roasted meat.  Some restaurants serve kebab with flatbread and salad on a plate, but you wouldn’t get it as “wrap” if you order kebab.


(photos from http://www.google.com/images)

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