Farewell Party

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On last Sunday I hosted a farewell party for the friends who are going back to Japan for good.

The friends (a couple and a 2-year-boy) are flying back to Tokyo this week.  It’s been just 2.5 years since we became friends, but during the period we had such a great time together.

I gathered up my friends at my house, and I cooked several dishes: chicken, mushroom and vegetable pie, roasted chicken drumsticks, Asian salad (recipe), sandwiches,  beef randang (Indonesian style beef curry), roasted potato wedges with dips, and some dessert.  One friend (Korean) brought homemade bulgogi for us 🙂  It was REALLY delicious.  She said she used Korean mirin and Korean soy sauce.  Korean mirin is sweeter than Japanese one, according to her.

The weather was weird: it rained, then stopped, and rained again.  Luckily it was not that cold (to me).  We kanpai-ed with beer and wine, and enjoyed chatting and eating.  The kids were playing with toy and watching dvd.

I felt full after having one serve of bulgogi, because of the coke I kept drinking.  (#_#)

For the dessert, I made custard tartlets with passionfruit glaze, and sticky pudding.  The sticky pudding normally contains dates (sticky date pudding)  but I didn’t have dates, so I added whatever I had in the kitchen – sultana, dried cherries, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts.

At first, I thought I failed the dessert… because the passionfruit tartlets looked little weird.  I didn’t arrange the custard cream properly to the pastry shells, and you could see the uneven surface of the custard through the passionfruit glaze.  And, the sticky pudding appeared to be rather dry and hard.  But, in the end no one cared about the looking, and they seemed to enjoy the taste 🙂  If it tastes good enough, I’m happy!


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