Rainy Days…

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A rainy day like this, it’s better to just stay home and catch up with what you always wanted to do but didn’t have time for it.  Like, washing the clothes, cleaning, tiding up the office area, and this time, tax return.

I like working (writing something on computer) in a quiet space.  If someone is watching tv near me, or even in the different room, my ears try to listen to it and I can’t concentrate on what I do. :p  But, I don’t mind the sound of rain.  In fact, the sound makes me more concentrated into the project I’m doing.  That’s why I like rainy weekend.  … Well, sunny weekend is also great though.

As I mentioned before, I like drinking coffee.  I usually drink black coffee with no sugar, but sometimes I feel like sweet one (like cafe au lait).  In Japan I used to drink canned coffee very often because of my dad.  He drinks approximately 3~4 cans each day (always black with no sugar).  Not always canned coffee.  He actually goes to a cafe to drink coffee more often than buying a canned coffee from a vending machine.  When he is at home, he always buy a canned coffee because there is a vending machine just in front of my house. 🙂  In winter, I used to buy a canned hot cocoa from the machine just to warm up my hands.

You can buy canned coffee at grocery shops – mostly either Japanese or Korean shops – in Perth, and when I drink it, it makes me feel like I’m home.

I’d better start cleaning the house for tomorrow!  And prepare the food….


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