Planning and Sleeping In

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Time flies…  It’s already the second half of the year.  I have something that I wanted to complete in 2010, but it’s been little difficult to find time for it lately.  It sometimes frustrates me, but I try to manage my schedule and plan the things that I need to do for the next few months.

Oh, the another thing I’m planning is a little home party. 🙂  I like having a little party, and just thinking about the food and the time with friends makes me really excited.  But, the problem is that this house gets very cold in winter and hot in summer… (><)  I really should buy a portable heater.  And, personally I don’t like just sitting in a same place, and prefer moving around.  I hope my friends also feel at home and move around to the sofa or to the garden and enjoy the time by doing whatever they want to do!

Last night I stayed quite late watching World Cup Brazil vs Netherland and Uruguay vs Ghana.  I woke up around 10, then did some of my stuff, washing clothes, cooking, etc etc.  After my husband woke up, we had a bowl of chicken porridge together.

(recipe :

I turned on the power on a slow cooker last night and left it until just before I went to bed.  I just had to reheated it this morning.

I know it sounds really weird, but I like eating porridge with raw vegetables…  This time, I added shredded cabbage on top of the porridge with other usual condiments (fried shallots, char kwe, cut chilli…) Sometimes I add celery leaves, lettuce, edamame to the porridge – yes, it is weird, but I like it (^_-;)

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