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If you go to family restaurants or some cafes in Japan, you will see kids menus like this…

• Omu-Rice

* Spaghetti

• Hangurg

• Chicken Nugget 


Or sometimes they combine all of above in one plate and offer as “kid’s plate” .

Kids menu spaghetti normally means Napoletana pasta, but it’s just a dish of stir-fried spaghetti with some ingredients (green capsicum, ham, onion etc) in tomato ketchup.  (easy to make!)

Omu-Rice was one of my favorite dish, and it still is 😀  Kids omu-rice is normally served with tomato ketchup on top, but now I like it with other sauces such as Demiglace sauce, white sauce, wafu dashi sauce etc.  

When I cook some food for my cuisines, they request omu-rice quite often too.  I sometimes wrap up spaghetti in egg omelet “omu-ghetti”, yakisoba in egg omelet “omu-soba”, and sometimes cover up curry & rice with egg omelet “omu-curry”  And draw a face with tomato ketchup, or write a short message  🙂   

These Japanese home-style food is really easy to make.  To make omu-rice, you just need to stir-fry :

  • cooked rice (one day old is better)
  • frozen mixed vegetables (peas, carrots and corns?)
  • diced onions
  • meat (hams, cubed chicken etc)
with tomato ketchup and Worcester sauce, then season with salt and pepper.
Kids spaghetti has the exact same ingredients, actually.  Just replace the rice to spaghetti :p
I like making these kids menu.  I may have kids party sometime soon 😀
By the way, here are some tempting kids menus from Mos Burger…
Mos burger with fluffy bun and mild curry sauce!  It comes with original toys …  cute!

And I want Mister Donut kids meal toys (><)  So cute.

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