Sleeping in

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As I have a terrible low blood pressure, I sometimes have huge headache as I wake up.  Not only my head, but neck, shoulders….  Don’t tell me it’s because of my pillow :p

After taking hot shower it feels better.  Then I just sit down on a chair and think about stuff –  anything: thinking about my friend who just went back to Japan yesterday, about work, about food I’ve been eating, about a trip I’ve been planing, about my dad who is planning to visit Perth soon etc etc.

My friend is staying in Japan for 2 months!  Then she is flying to Malaysia for shopping, and to Phuket to get massage…  That’s the kind of holiday I need right now!

I had toasted health bagel this morning.  This bagel is new, and it contains poppy seeds, linseeds, azuki beans and walnuts.    I toasted well done, as usual, and spread fig jam on one side, and cream cheese on another side.

My husband, on the other hand, had one piece of garlic bread, two boiled eggs, and small serve of coleslaw salad.

It was pretty healthy breakfast for him.  He sometimes spend a day without eating any vegetables….  (>0<)

A shot of a bird that was resting its feet on our chilli seedlings.  I was so slow to grab my camera and shoot a photo, and a second later it flew away!

These days I’ve been having opportunity to do bit of my work (new project!) and it’s been pretty good so far.  I’m not sure if it’ll ever going to be shown to the public, but let’s see…

4 Comments on “Sleeping in”

  1. 1 YL said at 10:28 pm on June 13th, 2010:

    I miss your bagels! 🙁

    Do you want to airmail some to me? Haha!

  2. 2 umepontarou said at 12:30 pm on June 14th, 2010:


    I have no problem with that! 😉

  3. 3 YL said at 6:53 pm on June 14th, 2010:

    Haha! You serious? I wouldn’t mind! Lets figure out a way to do that! Your bagels keep me alive during work! 😀

  4. 4 umepontarou said at 2:43 pm on June 15th, 2010:


    You are such a wonderful customer 😀
    Why did you move to Sydney~

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