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Last night I was invited to my friend’s house for dinner. The couple (and one kid) is leaving Australia for good, and going to live in their hometown, Tokyo.  I miss them, and I must say I’m a little envious.  They are going back to the place where their families and friends are.  I could feel they’re excited 🙂

Other friends were also invited to the dinner, and this couple made Pupusa – El Salvador’s version of the tortilla – with cheese and zucchini for us.  It was my first time to eat Pupusa, and I really loved it!  Grated zucchini and cheese are wrapped inside the cornflour dough, then flatten and shape, and grill with butter until crispy.  I would definitely want to try making this dish at home.  This was served with tomato salsa, and it matched with melty cheese… It was delicious.

This friend was married to a guy from El Salvador, and she told me that she makes pupusa everyday for the husband.  Although Pupusa is a delicious dish, we wondered if he is ever going to be bored with eating pupusa everyday, but then realized that this dish is like steamed rice to him.  We, Japanese, won’t get bored with eating rice everyday.  It’s a same thing 😀

The host (the couple leaving Australia) made several foods, including potato salad with avocado and aioli sauce, rice noodle salad (Japanese style), chicken nanban with homemade tartar sauce, and! simmered Go-ya salad with dried bonito flakes. She is an amazing cook.

On the other hand, I just brought Fish Head Mee Fun. :p  My husband assumed that they won’t be able to eat this Malay Chinese dish in Japan (I agree), so we bought one normal one with clear soup, and one in laksa.  I hope they enjoyed it.

We ate so much….. I felt heart-burn when I woke up this morning. (><)

…  today’s bagels.

It’s getting cold and difficult to manage the yeast-proofing timing.  (although summer has the same problem as the temperature is too high: around 40°, and the dough proof very quickly.

I’m off to go now!

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