Happy Mothers Day

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Happy Mother’s Day!  I made some chocolate cupcakes for my mum (in-law) .  I love the combination of chocolate and strawberries 😀  Since my mum lives in Japan she won’t be able to taste my cake, but I will give her a call with heaps of love!

It’s been quite busy weeks for me and I have little headache..  I guess the weather and the season could be the reason too.  

No day-off this week, but I will keep up!  I don’t normally take medicine even though I’m sick: I normally eat well, sleep well and wear warm clothes when I feel little tired.  Today I made miso soup with sliced onion, burdock roots, wakame seaweed and chopped spring onion and drunk 2 cups!  Now my body feels warm and I feel better 🙂

Take care everyone.

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