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This weekend was a quiet one for us, as my husband’s friend and his family flew back to New Zealand on Saturday morning.  After they left, I realised how quiet it was at home.  With them and a 2-year-old boy, there were always noises and something going on.  (many cleaning involved!)  Now, sitting on the sofa in our living room by ourselves, we suddenly forget what we used to do on weekends.  Very quiet, it should be a good thing, but I miss them already.
Oh, while they stayed in Perth, the most difficult thing was to think what to feed this 2-year-old boy.  He is actually allergic to egg, and he is super fussy about food.  For example, he eats cooked chicken unless it is cut according to fiber.  He eats steamed rice if it’s little dry and hard, but he spits out if it’s too soft.  Watching the parents scolding the kid did scared us off (foresee of our future :p ) … and made us admire them for doing this everyday.  
Searching the food without egg is very difficult.  To think about it, most of the food we eat everyday contain egg.  There are many “gluten free” or “nuts free” food available, but not “egg free” food.  The parents have to know which food do and don’t contain egg.  They can feed white bread, but not danish or pancake.  No cake, no cookies…   Plus, the parents were told by the doctor not to feed nuts to the boy until he is 3 years old.  The test to find out whether he is allergic to nuts can be only done after he is 3 years old, according to the doctor.  So, the parents have to feed him with very limited food.  If the boy wasn’t that fussy, it would be much easier.  Poor them 🙁
The other day we took them to Fremantle and wondered around the cappuccino street.  It was such a warm day, and we decided to have some drink and gelato at Cafe Fiorentina.
The pastries arranged inside the showcase looked so delicious.  We ordered some pastries, drinks, and gelato.  
As we enjoyed our treats, of course the boy started to try reaching on the food screaming “I want too!”  (he doesn’t speak, but the scream indicates so).  Then, we thought “.. hung on, does gelato contain egg?”  We didn’t feed pastries because we knew there is egg as ingredient, but not sure about gelato.  We asked one of the wait staff, but he wasn’t sure either.  After awhile another staff (owner-looking) came to us saying that he found out the answer.  “Yes there are eggs in the gelato.  The cold dessert contains no egg is only sorbet.”  
The boy started to scream even louder.  We were quietly thinking “oh no… it started again”.  Then, the owner-looking staff kindly gave a scoop of sorbet to the crying boy!  The parents were surprised and took out the wallet to pay for the sorbet, but the staff said “don’t worry about it”.  He is such a nice person…  A crying boy became a happy boy thanks to him.

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