Thing are Changed…

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After coming back from Japan, what I noticed was that few things are different now in Perth.  What I hear from the radio is “hail sale for cars” “hail sale for furniture” … as I heard from viewers and friends, the hail storm last week seems to have left a huge damage across Perth. 🙁

I saw few cars on the road with dented body.  It must be a terrible thing to happen to your own car!  Some of my friends’ car also got damage, and the front glass was broken.  

And, the price of vegetables…. (>0<)  WOW so expensive now!  One lettuce is $5.00 ?  

” Lettuces at some local supermarkets have jumped from $1.50 each to $5, and cabbage and celery prices are set to follow suit. ”  (from

Hail storm gave farmers a huge damage too.  The radio said that the price of vegetables is expected to be back to as it was within  2-3 months.  I sure hope so!

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