“I Survived A Japanese Game Show”

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“I survived a Japanese game show” started on channel 7.  This is an American reality show that saw its first season premiere on ABC June 24, 2008. details

Obviously it is a fake show, yes.  We don’t have such tv show in Japan called “MAJIDE” and they made it up for this American tv show.  Besides, the host of this “MAJIDE” show (the guy on the photo above) is an actor.  (his official website)

Watching this really makes me want to scream…  all the audiences and casts (Japanese) look so weird!  :p  Please don’t mistake that all Japanese people are that crazy!!

On the other hand, the games that American people has to do on the “MAJIDE” show are pretty normal stuff you see on tv in Japan every day :p  Wearing weird clothes, jumping around, etc etc.  Japanese comedy shows are very funny, but sometimes I don’t get :p

You can see from Takeshi Castle (風雲!たけし城).  This show was aired from 1986 to 1989 in Japan, long time ago, and it was already crazy funny.  In Aus, this tv show was shown on “V” (called “MXC”) on Foxtel before, and now is on Fox8 channel, however the story of the show is totally different on “MXC”.  They dubbed it into English, and what they talk about in the show doesn’t make sense at all.  I don’t know much about the original Takeshi Castle, but English dubbed version sucks…  

I missed Japanese tv shows so much when I just came to Perth.  Very different here.  But, I don’t say I like all the Japanese comedy shows.  Some of them are too much :p

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