Massage, Shopping, Eating…

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Yesterday I went to vanilla spa in Scarborough again to finish up my voucher.  I had 1 hour massage.  Even though Swedish massage is a soft touch technique massage, it was very mush enough to revive my exhausted body.  I have a super stiff neck shoulder 🙁

On the way home, I stopped at IKEA to have a look around, see if there is anything interesting discounted.  I’ve been kind of imagining how my future house wants to be, and browsing around the model rooms at IKEA was fun.  Then I had a brunch at IKEA cafe.

Open sandwich with meatball and beets salsa.  And, a cup of coffee (free refill!)

Because my husband (D) was tired from waiting for my massage and shopping at IKEA, we headed home.  After napping, we went down to Garden City to do window shopping.  We didn’t buy anything except for a lotto ..

This morning, after a mass at Church, I suddenly felt like toasted sandwich with a chunky lettuce filling, so made a toasted bagel sandwich.  Lots of lettuce, tomato, red onion and Jarlsberg cheese.  

Heat up a toaster very hot, and toast the bagel sandwich.  The crust is nicely crusty and the inside salad is still juicy and fresh.  Yummmm…

I enjoyed it with D’s scrambled egg.  I really like when he cooks for me ^^

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