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This Indonesian/Malaysian restaurant opened its door few month ago, and I recently had a chance to try their food.  “Satay Mu” means “your satay” in Indonesian 🙂

The name of the restaurant says “Satay”, so I thought they just specialize in satay dish (skewered chicken/beef/lamb/etc, with peanut chili sauce).   However, I noticed their menu actually has a wide variety of other Indonesian/Malay food.

Barbecued Pork Rice, Curry Chicken/Beef Rice, Wan Ton Mee, Wat Tan Ho etc..  My husband had Spicy Chicken Rice and I had Wat Tan Ho.  I really like noodle dish with wet saucy thing…

The price was reasonable and tasted ok, I will come back here again 🙂

Address:  356 Marmion Street, Melville WA 6156

Phone:  08 9317 1162

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