Post Christmas Shopping

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Almost everyone who stayed in Perth this Christmas must have went post-Christmas shopping!  Many shops are doing huge sale…  I bought a suitcase, cordless phone, some stationery stuff and toys.  After shopping my husband and I phoned up his aunty/uncle to say “Merry Christmas”, then they asked us to come over to their house.

They welcomed us with coffees and some sweets.  They had Christmas party the other night and there’re many left over food at their house : fruit mince pies, chocolate, fruits…    They kept saying “do you want another drink?” “I have watermelon in the fridge” “why don’t you take home this blueberries”.   In the end they gave us so many things!  Chocolates, tomatoes, cactus, aloe, seedlings, turkish bread and steak… 

That night I cooked the steak, and I made avocado dip for Turkish bread.

<Avocado Dip>

  • 1 avocado
  • lemon juice
  • 1 tbs whipped cream
  • salt and pepper 
  1. Cut avocado half and scoop out the fresh into a bowl.  Squeeze lemon juice onto avocado, and mash up until smooth.  Add cream, and season well.
The steak was delicious!  Aunty said they always get this marinated steak from a butcher.  I should have asked which butcher they get this steak meat from.  The meat is tender and I think it goes with steamed rice too.

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