Christmas 2009

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This is my 6th time to spend Christmas in Perth.  Last year I was in Jakarta and then flew to Japan to spend Christmas and New Year’s Day.  Still, I prefer Christmas in winter…  (do I say this every year?)  My family says it’s really cold now, about 8℃ max, and they got heavy snow last week.  My house was surrounded by white world… My brother says it was terrible, couldn’t see his car, covered with snow, and had to dig it out in cold morning.. but I miss these things.

Today every shop closes, even some petrol stations and McDonalds, so yesterday was the last shopping day before Christmas for everyone.  Even a small shopping mall near my house was full of people, and couldn’t find a parking spot.  I had to circle around few times.  I just wanted to deposit one cheque at the bank :p

This morning I went to a church for Christmas mass.  The road was quiet.  When I came home, sister_in_law had prepared breakfast for us!  I said to everyone “Merry Christmas” 🙂

Everyone kept saying “stop taking photos, it just a breakfast and nothing special! Just eat! “, but I couldn’t help 😛  


After having breakfast, I prepared for tonight dinner: whipping cream and cutting some fruits for pavlova.  AAAA I forgot to buy strawberries (T_T)  Now it’s too late, all the shops are closed. …. Well, the pavlova is kind of broken anyway, it’s for family dinner, we can still eat it :p

Merry Christmas to everyone from Ume !!

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