Camels vs Monkeys

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Well this may be an old news, but 6,000 wild camels have invaded a small Australian town in search for water last month.  This town of Docker River, population 350, is in a drought area, which encouraged thirty camels to come into the town searching for water. (from  Australian authorities planed to kill those camels by gun for trampling fences, smashing tanks and contaminating supplies… I can’t agree with their decision, but I guess they had to.  In Japan sometimes wild boar attacks a small town and people have to kill it.

It seems that this news is broadcasted outside of Australia too.  My mum emailed me saying “hey are you ok?  Are camels around you?” That’s actually how I knew about this news :p

To tell the truth, I have a similar experience…  not camels, but monkeys!  It was a long time ago, when I was an elementary school student.  My school was surrounded by mountains and rice fields ( writing this makes Shiga sound like a really country side :p ) , and one day lots of monkeys started to gather up around the school!  

Because it was close to 4pm and students were about to go home, teachers told all students to remain inside of the building.  I remember seeing many monkeys in the athletic ground of the school from class room.  I didn’t feel scared at all, I rather felt excited :p  I like animals… well, of course I will be screaming if some wild monkeys come close to me though.

All students had to wait until all monkeys were gone.  I don’t remember what teachers did, but I think they called police or something.

Oh, and I also remember one day we had a dog strolled into our school.  The dog was huge (I think it was a German shepherd) and running around the school hallway vigorously.  It was scary! 

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