Spotlight on Black Animals

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It’s been a while since vampire themed stories hit the market.  Now everywhere you turn there are vampire movies, television shows, and books.  I believe Twilight movie started this vampire boom, and it seems that many people (especially girls) are in love with this series.  Thanks to this (?), these is a merit on a cute yet poor little creature – black cats.  

At animal shelters, black cats were less likely to be chosen than their multi-coloured mates, vanishing into the shadows to become invisible to potential adopters. And sadly, during kitten season, when shelters are full, black cats are often the first to be euthanased.  

But with the release of the new Twilight movie “New Moon”, black cats started to gather up an attention of people who wants to bring a little bit of the dark into their life. Black cats, with their radiant eyes and shiny black coats not only help you get in touch with your mysterious side, but pack a punch in the perfect pet stakes, making great pets for apartment dwellers or people looking for a loving, no fuss companion.

No matter the reason, I think it’s good that this poor animal is getting an attention.  However, I strongly wish that people take care of animals very good until they leave this world.  No matter the fur color is white or black, they are still living creature and all same animals.

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