Christmas in Japan

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Christmas season is just around the corner! This season must be the busiest time for shopping malls and department stores around the world. In Japan, although we (well, most of us) are not Christian we still cerebrate Christmas by decorating a Christmas tree, eating cakes and spending time together with loved one.

As we don’t have the tradition to eat turkey in Japan, the main item on Christmas is the cake. You can order your Christmas cake from any bakeries, cake shops, convenience stores, and department stores. There are so many choices and they all look so delicious…

In department stores such as Takashimaya, Isetan, and Seibu, they sell special cakes which are only available from the store. Each shop has different flavors and kinds, and you can order it before Christmas day so that you can just pick it up on the day. The popular ones would be sponge cake filled with fresh cream and strawberries, chocolate cake, bûche de Noël、mont blanc aux marrons …. My favorite is still a standard cake – sponge with fresh cream and strawberries!! Japanese cake is soooooooo delicious.

… Well, actually many people eat cake on Christmas Eve in Japan. Eve (24th December) is considered as “a day to spend with loved one” in Japan, and everywhere is filled with romantic mood. 🙂

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