Shopping Day

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What a fine day today!  It sure is getting closer to spring.  Maybe summer is just around the corner already.

Today I did my first shopping after coming back from holiday.  My hubby and I went to Joondalup around 9am, window-shopping around the shopping mall and, then went to IKEA to buy some small staff.  The small kitchen trolley is going to be on sale from 28/Sep till 05/Oct ($69.00)!  I have similar looking kitchen island at home, and might as well buy this too 🙂  Need to come back next week..

Then we went to Garden City shopping centre.  (Yes we were driving around Perth from North to South :p ) In Garden City we were wondering around Myer, then noticed that they’re doing a sale.  We went to kitchen section on 3F and found out that some of the mixers are 15% off.  I’d been wanting to buy one nice mixer for myself, (I’d been using mother-in-law’s).  We actually had few Coles/Myer cards from friends for our wedding, so we decided to use them to buy the mixer.  

My first mixer ♪  Before buying this Sunbeam mixer we’re actually thinking to buy KitchenAid‘s mixer (very popular, cheaper than Dualit but still expensive!).  The reason why we chose this mixer is the price, and other features like strong 850 watt.  I used the gift card to buy this $369 mixer, thank you guys…   BTW 15% off sale ends on Monday 🙂 

After coming home I finally had a chance to wash my car.  It was super dirty…  that’s the demerit of having a black car, isn’t it.  Aware of this, however, I still wanted to buy black car anyway.  So I need to wash it occasionally.  Now my car is clean, I wonder what to do tomorrow 🙂


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