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It’s been rainy days …   I found that the roads in Perth tend to have lots of small puddles when it rains.  These puddles really scare me off … when I drive in the rain my car floats on the water, and I think “aah, this is the end of my life ..” :p  Never had such experience before I came to Perth..  I think the road condition or drain system is not really good here.

By the way Matsuri Japanese restaurant opened it’s second shop today.  The new place is not a restaurant, it’s a takeaway shop, so I think they open only for lunch time selling bento or donburi type of food.  It’s in the city, near the new Woolworth on St George Tce.

Seems that there are few Japanese restaurants opening around Perth.  Hana Gozen, a Japanese takeaway food shop was opened nearly one month ago in the city.  This shop is owned by Indonesian, and I like how they named their shop.  When I went to Jakarta last time I noticed that Japanese restaurants there had very Japane-like names.  (eg: Hanamasa)  I don’t think they can speak or know Japanese words, and wonder how they came up with these names..  If I’m thinking to open up an Italian restaurant and thinking to decide the name, what I can think of is just simple Italian words such as “grazie” “Ciao” etc..   Did those Indonesian people asked some Japanese to make up a name, or they searched on dictionary ??  But I don’t see how they came up with “Hanagozen” Tokinowa” etc  Sugoi!
I heard that there’ll be a new Japanese restaurant in the city, and their menu and prices are similar to Taka’s Kitchen’s.  And, a Japanese restaurant Bonsai Restaurant & Cafe Lounge will open in Northbridge next month (September).  There’ll be up to 100 seats inside, and the Japanese head chef seems to have lots of experiences serving high quality food.
I’m not sure about this but I also heard that Ohnamiya in Applecross will open its second shop in Nedland.  
I’m actually waiting for someone opening an inexpensive Izakaya restaurant in Perth :_)  Or, something like family restaurants such as Denny’s or Big Boy.. just a place where I can hang around with cheap/casual food.  Can anyone?? :p

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