Kit Kat in Japan-2

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I’ve wrote about Kit Kat long time ago (here) featuring the unique flavors of Japanese Kit Kat, and recently I had a chance to try few of them. A couple, friends of mine, just came back from Japan last week and brought me some Kit Kat as a souvenir. 🙂

Lemon Vinegar / Soy Sauce / Ramune

(yellow: Lemon Vinegar . purple: Soy Sauce . Blue: Ramune)
I knew about this “soy sauce” flavor, but not these “lemon vinegar” and “ramune” flavors. They must be new! Japan’s Nestle keeps producing new flavors…
I’ve read someone describing the soy sauce Kit Kat before, he was saying “it tastes like caramel”. I guess it’s because the sugar in soy sauce somehow produced “caramelized” flavor. …
Soy Sauce Kit Kat was coated with white chocolate, and it smelled very sweet.  It actually smelled like caramel puddings!  The guy was right (‘x’).  It was really milky and sweet.
Now, Ramune Kit Kat.  Look at the color!  It’s blue :p  As soon as I opened the package I could smell “ramune”!   … well it was more like a bubble-gum-like smell, actually.   I hesitated a little…  wow it’s weird, it’s chocolate but smells like a bubble gum.  (>0<)  But, when I put it in my mouth the smell was gone and I could simply taste the chocolate.  Ummm …
The Lemon Vinegar flavor .. very weird for chocolate, isn’t it.  Fortunately there’s no smell of vinegar much, and it tasted fine actually.  The taste was like chocolate with lemon.  (citrusy chocolate)
Overall, every flavor Kit Kat was pretty sweet.  I mean, really sweet..
Well, it was fun to try those unique flavors though,
I still like Sakura flavor, Maccha green tea flavor and strawberry cheesecake flavor! 🙂

4 Comments on “Kit Kat in Japan-2”

  1. 1 Bishonencam said at 9:41 am on August 19th, 2009:


    Why can’t we get those awesome flavors here?!?!
    Japan always has such amazingly flavored things. Japanese people’s taste is so much more progressive than Western tastes.

    I am ashamed T_T

  2. 2 umepontarou said at 12:59 pm on August 19th, 2009:


    Hehe 🙂
    I don’t know why those flavors are not available here .. They don’t need to make “sakura” flavor or “maccha” flavor (because this is not Japan), but maybe they can make some flavors which is related to Australia ?

    I hope you can go to Japan and enjoy those “Japanese” things there 🙂

  3. 3 Bishonencam said at 2:58 pm on August 19th, 2009:

    Hmmm maybe Vegemite, BBQ prawn and beer flavor?

    Or maybe Kangaroo or Koala flavor?

    Or maybe just for Perth – No late night shopping flavor! T_T

  4. 4 umepontarou said at 11:11 am on August 20th, 2009:


    Koala or Kangaroo flavor…that’s what I thought as well!! 🙂
    … I wonder how it tastes, hehe

    Umm vegemite sounds really Australia, but I don’t know if I want to eat vegemite chocolate :p
    I can’t think of anything else for Australian food though..

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